Ambassador's Welcome Word

Dear friends!

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Russian Federation to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

It is popularly belief that "A close neighbor is better than a distant relative."

Therefore, for us the DPRK is not only a close neighbor, but also a long-standing, kind partner. This year we will celebrate an important date in the common history – the 70th anniversary of the first intergovernmental Agreement on economic and cultural cooperation. It was signed on March 17, 1949 during the official visit to Moscow of the DPRK leader Kim Il Sung. As is known, the Soviet Union was the first to recognize the young sovereign state - the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. This was an indeed historic event preceded by years of hard struggle of the Korean patriots for the independence of their homeland. The heroic Red Army came to their aid in August 1945 and liberated Korea from the Japanese colonial yoke. The glorious traditions of friendship laid during the Second World War, and then the Korean War, up to now form a stable foundation for strengthening and developing good neighborhood relations between our countries.

Unfortunately, the present situation on the Korean Peninsula has a bad influence on the entire complex of bilateral cooperation, and above all, in the trade and economic sphere. The Russian Federation consistently supports the solution of the Korean crisis exclusively by negotiation, political and diplomatic means. In this regard, I would like to especially note that the resumption of dialogue between the DPRK and the United States, the gradual normalization of inter-Korean relations, which have become possible as a result of the peaceful initiatives of Pyongyang, inspire a certain optimism.

In their daily work, the diplomats of the Russian Embassy, using the priceless experience of their predecessors, seek to find areas of cooperation that meet today's requirements. Only together, by joint efforts we will surely overcome the current, I am sure, temporary difficulties, and bring Russian-Korean relations to a new level of equal and mutually beneficial cooperation. As it befits close neighbors.

 P.S. Dear friends, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that in addition to the official website the Russian Embassy to the DPRK also has the pages on Facebook, VKontakte and Twitter. It is not only protocol news that we share with our subscribers through social network. We are happy to tell you how people live in this amazingly beautiful, interesting country. Come visit our websites more often and you will always find a lot of useful and amusing information.

Welcome again!


Ambassador of Russia

Alexander Matsegora