11 April / 2015


Agreements made at the Second Moscow intra-Syrian Talks 

(Moscow, April 9, 2015)

1. To work towards a political solution to the Syrian crisis based on the Geneva I Communiqué adopted on June 30, 2012.

2. To call on the international community to urge all Arab countries, regional and global players involved in the Syrian bloodshed to comply with the UN Security Council resolutions on counterterrorism and to cease all actions endorsing terrorism, namely furthering terrorists’ infiltration into Syria, training, giving sanctuary, providing weapons and funding them.

3. To call on the international community to lift the blockade fully and immediately and to alleviate unilateral economic duress imposed on the Syrian people and state institutions. 

4. To guarantee that national sovereignty and the will of the people expressed by means of democratic mechanisms underlie the nature and outcomes of any political developments.

5. To ensure that policymaking is a result of mutual understanding between Syrian government, parties, movements, and other actors involved in political decision-making. 

6. To secure and promote national reconciliation that contributes to political settlement; to provide support to the army and military forces in their fight against terrorism. 

7. To call on the international community to facilitate Syrian refugee repatriation and to create conditions conducive to returning the displaced. 

8. The key objectives of policymaking are as follows:

a. Preserving the national sovereignty;

b. Territorial and national integrity of Syria;

c. Safeguarding, enhancing and upgrading state institutions;

d. Refraining from any type of political settlement that is based on ethnic, religious, or communal quota assignment;

e. Rigidly adhering to the aim of returning all Syrian occupied territories;

f. Political settlement can be reached solely by means of intra-Syrian national dialogue conducted by the Syrian people without any external interference.

9. Political settlement will create cohesive and mobilized national forces to counter and defeat terrorism. As a result, the government institutions will exercise monopoly over arms control.

10. To call on the international community to honour mutual agreement concerning a comprehensive political solution that will be reached at Moscow talks as part of drafting a final document at Geneva-III Conference. 

The full video of the Moscow talks briefing, including Moscow Principles, given by Vitaly Naumkin, the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences Oriental Department, is available on YouTube channel of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

April 11, 2015